Our nannie goats “are kidding” no more – the babies have been born!

Our Billy the Kid and his harem became the proud parents of 12 new kids – 7 males and 5 females. And since he started our Billy’s libido has stayed high, his neck is growing thicker by the day, the hair on his back stay raised and so does his tail!  He’s a devil on the run… a young gun, our Billy the Kid!

All our nannie goats have had their babies now. The last one had triplets while we were taking photos of the new generation playing. It was so awesome!

Most people remember pet goats through the eyes of Heidi the orphan who went to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps. But there is a lot of stuff we bet you didn’t know about goats, until now that is.

    • A female is called a doe, or nanny goat, a male is called a buck, or billy goat and a baby is called a kid
    • Goats are herd animals, so they need animals
    • Goats are browsers, they eat up, not down
    • Goats are very fussy eaters. They won’t eat unless their dish is clean and clean food is put in it, and need lots of fresh, clean water.
    • Goats need protection from dogs
    • Don’t put your hand in their mouth: their teeth are like razor blades
    • Goats love being brushed
    • Goats hate people touching their ears
    • Most goats, male and female, have beards and some have ‘tassels’ under the chin
    • In every goat herd there is a herd queen (or pack leader). They’re often the oldest and get to eat first. They groom up the new ‘heirs’ to the position. This new heir often protects the old one from the rest.
    • Goats are smelly. This is because they have a musk gland behind the polls on the back of their head.
    • When goats are pregnant you say the goats ‘are kidding’.