Landmeterskop again listed in Getaway Magazine!


We have been listed in the latest edition of Getaway Magazine again as an affordable getaway, featuring this photo by Christopher List of one of our dams. And yes, everything they say about us is true, but there’s even more to be experienced. So make sure to take advantage of our Midweek Winter specials until end of August:


He’s a devil on the run… a young gun, our Billy the Kid!

Yes, our Billy the Kid is indeed “a devil on the run”. He jumps fences and overcomes every restriction put in his way, giving everyone a hard time trying to keep him away from the girls! He maybe a young gun but he shoots fast “when his blood gets a-rile”! And we have the evidence to proof it! The four old ladies are expecting twins and the four younger females, one kid each. So, come August, the Landmeterskop flock of goats should more than double in size, thanks to the seemingly effortless efforts of our Billy the Kid. For parents with young children, August might be a good time to grab our Mid-Week Winter Special and have them experience the excitement of the little baby-goats’ arrival!