A little Thank You Letter from Renee Nel

Dear Valerie

On behalf of Michael and our good friends Frances and Martin, I would like to lodge a formal complaint about the totally fabulous, relaxing four days we spent at The Homestead.


The Homestead – high ceilings and cool airy rooms, crisp white linen and little touches and conveniences that one can tell were carefully thought out to magnify the enjoyment of your stay.

The Homestead – complete with signature flock of contented sheep silently migrating back and forth, seemingly far and yet only a chew-sound away.


This is a neat open plan spacious guesthouse with a fabulous social outdoor entertainment area – sheltered cleverly from any wind. We needn’t have brought along our binoculars, candles, fancy liquid hand soaps, creams, shower gels and whatnots. These were all catered for, and not your ordinary product either.

Upon our arrival, the lovely, very friendly Tsala welcomed us and saw to all our needs with great enthusiasm. She also took time out of her busy schedule to show us around and share some interesting farm facts.


The farm is incredibly well organized. Everything is tidy and orderly and stacked away in its own special place. So much rich green manicured rolling lawn!

We visited the dams, enjoyed a glass of champagne in the rowboat with one eye on the setting sun and the other mindful of our discrete intrusion on mother nature. We collected eggs straight from the hatchery and milked the goats for our morning tea.


Valerie, I thank you for the efforts you have gone into ensuring the comfort of your guests.  I hope future visitors will enjoy their stay as much as we did and that they will respect and appreciate all these things so that they remain there for all to enjoy… always.

Warm regards


1 January 2014