Fresh free-range eggs for breakfast!

Free range eggs

Another new experience for city dwellers and children staying over on Landmeterskop Farm! Delicious fresh eggs delivered to your cottage or the homestead, or you could join one of our staff members and fetch your eggs from the nests yourselves!


Our Lohmann Brown chickens are now ± 7 months old and have been laying eggs for the past two months. During the day time they walk around freely in a designated pasture which they naturally fertilize. At night they sleep in a movable chicken tractor (a coop without a floor) which is daily moved to a new spot, thus allowing free ranging along with shelter and protection from predators, but without vegetation in a single spot being stripped away completely. This creates a natural, symbiotic cycle of foraging through which the birds eat down vegetation, deposit fertilizing manure, and then go on to a new area.

Chicken tractor

The Lohmann Brown chicken is a hybrid that was developed in Germany. They are the most common type of hen used for commercial egg production farms in Europe thanks to their egg quality, production efficiency and adaptability.  They often start egg production earlier than other chickens – at 14 weeks as opposed to 20-24 weeks.

These chickens are not fancy.  Their plumage is caramel-brown with cream highlights.  Medium in size, they have a long neck, typical comb, and short tail feathers.

Called the best of the backyard chickens by some urban farmers, they are very friendly, and are good chickens to keep as pets for children.