Views from the look-out on Landmeterskop

From the lookout on the fynbos-covered Landmeterskop, one has a stunning view not only over our farm, but almost the whole of Papiesvlei. ‘Fynbos’ is Dutch/Afrikaans for ‘fine bush’. Fynbos is a unique and strikingly beautiful group of flora endemic to a small section of the Western Cape of South Africa. It forms part of the greater Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK), a global biodiversity asset, the smallest of the world’s six floral kingdoms and the only one to be found entirely within one country. The CFK is home to more types of indigenous plants than any similar-sized area on Earth. What makes it even more special is that approximately 70% of its 9000 plant species are found nowhere else on Earth.Stanford and Elim are two of the starting points to the Overberg Fynbos Route, and Landmeterskop is situated halfway between Stanford and Elim. From August through to October many species of fynbos are in flower, so visitors can be assured of some spectacular floral displays along the roads and on the mountains! If you stay over in August you can still grab our Midweek Winter Special.




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